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Just Imagine Your Own Personal Documentary.

This is just an analogy. Just imagine you passed out of this life and you woke up in a gigantic theater. In front of you is a huge screen. Then to your right, all of a sudden, these doors open an angel flies in and comes up to you and says welcome to the Theatre of Judgment. Relax. Just watch the screen. There on the screen you see your life. It’s everything you ever did here on earth. It’s everything you ever said here on earth. It’s everything you ever thought. These are what are called the sins of commission. However, then you proceeded to watch the sins of omission. These are all the things we should have done but we didn't do.  At the end of the film, as you're recovering, the angel comes back and says, “Relax. There is going to be a second showing. Then all the people who were featured in the film of your life are all waiting outside. We're going to let them in and come and view your life a second time.”  How would you feel if your life were judged on that basis? That

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